June 15, 2021

JANUARY 6: A couple celebrates their first wedding anniversary in Australia.

The couple’s daughter, Samantha, said they would be looking forward to celebrating the occasion “in style” on Saturday.

The new couple was married at the Royal Family House in Canberra on December 6, 2013, at which point Samantha said they had decided they wanted to stay together.

“I’ve been so blessed with a great husband, he’s amazing, he has always made my life a bit easier, and he’s a great father,” Samantha said in a statement.

“He’s the best dad ever.”

Samantha and her husband, Michael, met in 2013 when they were in the UK.

They have a son, a daughter, and two granddaughters.

A photo posted by Samantha, Michael and their daughter (@samanthamilton) on Dec 6, 2017 at 11:56am PST The couple, who moved to Australia from the UK in 2014, had planned on living in Australia for a while.

But, after their first child was born, they were offered a “bonded stay” and moved to Canberra.

After meeting in person in 2017, they decided to marry.

Samantha said she had not been to Australia before and was “very happy” to have married her first Australian.

“We have a lot of fond memories and a lot more to look forward to.

We’ve got lots of plans, and lots of new adventures, and we can’t wait to get going,” she said.

The couple has two sons and a daughter from their first marriage, and Samantha said that she was excited to see them grow up.

“My son is really excited, he wants to be a doctor, he loves playing football, he goes to school, he likes swimming and he loves hanging out,” she added.

“We want them to grow up in the same way we do, and have their own life.”

The couple also has plans to travel and celebrate the occasion together.

A photo posted on Facebook showed the couple kissing on the balcony of the Royal House.

Samantha added: “It feels good to be able to see all these great people coming out to celebrate our marriage, it’s a special moment for us, and a special day for everyone.”

The wedding ceremony was broadcast live on the ABC News website, and was also streamed on ABC TV.

Michael said the ceremony had been “very emotional” for everyone involved, and that he hoped that people could get together to celebrate “the most special day of our lives”.

“I’m so proud of all of the people who came out to support us, especially the girls and the boys,” he said.

“This was an incredible experience for us.”

The ceremony took place at the Palace of the United Kingdom (PYUK), the ceremonial seat of the government of Australia.


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