June 16, 2021

The NFL Players Association has suspended all players who have not signed a union with the union or endorsed its policy of recognizing gay marriages.

The players union’s statement on the suspensions comes on the heels of a vote by the NFL Players Players Association’s board to remove all players from any future union elections in the state.

The NFLPA says it will now be “evaluating the impact of this resolution.”

The NFL has been under scrutiny in the past year for its handling of players’ sexual orientation and has faced criticism from other NFL players for its policies.

The union’s position is that it is the policy of the union to endorse and support the union’s marriage equality platform.

The league is also expected to release a position statement this week on the issue.

The NFLPA released a statement on Wednesday saying it will work with the NFLPA and all other unions to advance the union platform.

“We stand with our union partners and all the union members in supporting the marriage equality agenda,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said in a statement.

“Our position is clear: We will support and stand with all the unions that have endorsed marriage equality and support our players’ right to participate in our union.”

In the statement, the union said that it will “work to strengthen the NFL’s leadership on marriage equality in the weeks ahead.”

The NFL’s announcement comes amid criticism that the league is ignoring or denying players’ complaints that the union discriminates against gay players.

The National Football League Players Association filed a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board last week, alleging the NFL discriminates in hiring, benefits, promotions, pay and other ways, based on sexual orientation.

The NLRB has not yet made a decision on the case.NFL players have been increasingly vocal in their opposition to the union and to other labor unions’ support for gay marriage.

In a statement released last month, NFL players said that the unions have been slow to recognize gay marriages and that they will now stand up for their rights.

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