June 18, 2021

New York City wedding photographers have found a way to make weddings that are both entertaining and relaxing while keeping the whole experience accessible for everyone.

According to photographer and bride-to-be Ashley Deane, the trend is becoming increasingly popular among younger brides, especially as they are finding ways to keep themselves busy during the process.

“I’ve noticed people are going to get married on Sunday, and they’re not even having to do the actual ceremony, they can just walk out to a restaurant, or they can walk out of the wedding to the park or to a cafe and enjoy a coffee or something like that,” she said.

“And they’re going to have this little mini-celebration with friends and family and that kind of thing.”

The result, she said, is that weddings can become so much more fun and family-friendly.

“We get to walk away and be like, ‘That was so great, thank you for being a part of it,’ and then we can start having a whole other day where we can relax,” Deane said.

But it’s important to note that it’s not just about having fun, Deane added.

“It’s about having this little bit of fun that’s going to keep the family together, the guests together, and the whole wedding party together,” she explained.

The process of photographing weddings is a complex one, and there’s a lot of work involved in getting the look right.

So, it’s always a good idea to do your research and get your wedding photographer’s approval before you start shooting weddings.

“Before I got started, I was like, this is a wedding that I’m going to do,” Deans said.

“[But] I was a bit scared.

It’s hard to do this because you know you’re not going to make it, you know?

But you do what you can and you hope you don’t get burned out.

And that’s the only thing I ever really said to myself: You can’t lose sight of the fact that you are having a wonderful wedding.

And I always did, and I still do.”

Deane told The Huffington Post that one of the most important things she looks for when shooting wedding weddings is that the photographer knows her work and her subject.

“The photographers that do a great job at photographing wedding ceremonies are very well respected by everyone,” she added.

And she also said that if the photographer does not have her permission, the photographer can still take photographs at the wedding.

“That’s a very common occurrence,” Deanes said.

When asked about her experiences with wedding photographers, Deanes was quick to point out that she did not have any issues with the industry.

“My wedding was very positive.

I had my photographer’s blessing,” she recalled.

“They did a great process and we had a very good time.”

Deanes, who is now a wedding photographer in New York, is currently working on a book about her experience, titled “Bride to Bride: The Story of My Wedding.”

But, for now, she’s focused on wedding photography.

“A lot of the photographers that I worked with, they were all very professional,” she admitted.

“But the photographers I work with now are so much nicer.

I mean, they’re always very polite.

They’re just trying to make sure everything is in place.”

In fact, Deans was surprised to find that her own wedding photographer, Michael O’Sullivan, also had a positive experience with the wedding industry.

When Deans first started shooting weddings, she told HuffPost, she was skeptical about the industry because she did her own photography and she was worried about getting ripped off.

“When I started, and still am today, I thought, this person’s going be so cheap and they have all these beautiful images,” she told The New York Post.

“After I had it done, I had this amazing wedding and it was just the best thing ever.”

Deans added that she found O’ Sullivan to be very professional and he was able to help her through her wedding process.

“[O’Sullivan] really gave me advice and gave me tips that I would never have learned otherwise,” Deano said.

Although O’Sullys photography is not on the same level as those of Deane and Deane (although he was a professional photographer before he joined her crew), he did have some advice for the photographer to take away: “Just be yourself.

Don’t be the one trying to be the perfect wedding photographer,” he said.

And while O’Neill and Deans did find that some wedding photographers were more interested in the wedding itself, O’Neil said that he believes that the wedding photography community is becoming more inclusive and accepting of diverse backgrounds and styles.

“If we want to continue to get a diverse wedding, we have to keep educating ourselves,” he explained.

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