June 19, 2021

BuzzFeed has teamed up with the BBC to make a wedding-themed documentary called Love Weddings, in which a handful of celebs and experts from across the world are invited to share their personal experiences of getting married and finding love in the big world of modern weddings.

As a result, the film is divided into three sections: the first, focusing on the “happy bride” section, the second, featuring the “moody bride” and the third, which includes the “dumb bride” – the bride who gets the biggest shock in the room.

The film, which will premiere in the UK on Thursday, March 10, will also include interviews with a number of guests from across Britain’s wedding industries, including the director of weddings at the BBC, the former head of wedding planning at the Royal Wedding Museum and the CEO of Weddys.

The documentary also has the backing of the wedding industry’s own website, Weddids.co.uk.

BuzzFeed will host a special event for the film in London’s Hyde Park on March 14, with an evening of live performances, talks, talkshow panels and panels featuring guests including the author of this piece, Dr Peter Cairns, who also hosts the show, The Marriage Show.

Dr Cairnis, whose new book, The Wedding Story, is published in April, told BuzzFeed News that he was thrilled to be invited to discuss his book with BuzzFeed, and the fact that BuzzFeed had chosen to partner with the film’s makers was “an absolute honour”.

“I’ve been a writer for almost a decade and I think this is the first time that I’ve been approached by a major network like BuzzFeed,” he said.

“It is a bit like my first day on the job – you have to be at a certain point and you can’t really go anywhere else.”

He added that the film was already “a very special project” and that the fact the BBC would be able to showcase it in London “would be very, very exciting”.

“BuzzFeed is really into wedding stories, which is why we’re looking to do this in the first place,” he added.

“They’re the most passionate about weddings in the world, and they love that kind of stuff.”

Dr Cartey is one of many wedding industry experts who have expressed their views on the subject, and he hopes the documentary will inspire others to consider the wedding journey differently.

“The thing I’m really excited about is that the wedding is an opportunity for people to come together and think about what it’s like to get married,” he explained.

“That can be something very important to think about and I hope that what I’m saying will be helpful for others.”

He also revealed that he felt a lot of the conversations he had with his guests in the film would be different if he had not been a wedding planner.

“If I hadn’t been a planner, they would probably be talking about how they have been married in a very different way to what they are now,” he continued.

I don’t think it’s a surprise, because I’m very much a wedding counsellor.””

They would be like, ‘I can’t believe we were married, and we’re having this big party with all of our friends, and I can’t think of anything else we could do’.”

I don’t think it’s a surprise, because I’m very much a wedding counsellor.

“BuzzFeed’s new series, The Biggest Moment in Your Life, premieres on March 10.

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