July 5, 2021

Posted November 04, 2018 09:17:10 With the divorce process taking so long, it’s easy to forget what it’s like to be a single parent.

A new ABC News investigation looks at the ways in which single parents are caught up with the drama and asks what it would take for the state and federal governments to do more to improve their divorce record.

Read moreA couple in Australia’s north-west is hoping to have their divorce settled before they can get married, but the process is dragging on.

In 2015, the couple, from the Northern Territory, split and started living separately in their home state.

But, after three years of legal battles, they were unable to agree on a settlement that would allow them to get married.

A year later, in May 2017, the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (DFCS) was contacted by the couple.

It told the couple that the case was not a priority for their divorce.

The couple said they were told the department was considering the issue of separation but they were still concerned about the process and wanted to know more about the issues.

The department said it would investigate the matter, but said it had “no plans to commence a proceeding on this matter”.

It said it wanted to investigate the family’s “ongoing concerns about the department’s decision to make an independent assessment of their case”.”DFCS has received numerous submissions from the public in support of the family and is committed to ensuring that all aspects of their divorce are properly investigated,” a spokesperson said.

A spokesman for the Department of Community Services told ABC News the department would respond to the family within a week.

The Department of Families, Children and Community Safety (DFCS) said it was “actively working with the Department and the courts to ensure that the department has the necessary tools to deal with these issues”.

“The department is working with a number of relevant stakeholders and working with those who are interested in sharing their views and suggestions to help us achieve a resolution,” the department said in a statement.

But the DFCS was not alone in its concerns about their divorce case.

The State Government is also aware of the problem, and is taking steps to improve it.

It’s not uncommon for couples to struggle with a divorce because they are living in different states, and not getting support from the other side of the border.

In the Northern Queensland city of Newcastle, the marriage of a woman and her young son was cancelled in April after a few years of litigation.

But despite the difficulties, the city has been able to continue to have a strong relationship with the couple and the boy’s parents, with a police escort.

In 2017, a woman in Sydney’s south-east also took the family to court, after the woman said she was told she would lose her job if she left the family home.

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