July 7, 2021

In California, if a couple marries within three years of each other, the marriage certificate must be filed with the state.

A new law approved by voters in June, Prop.

28, makes that requirement more stringent and makes it a crime to marry someone you do not know.


29, the measure’s companion bill, would also make it a misdemeanor to have an unregistered marriage.

The state’s top court has ruled in favor of Prop.

30, a similar measure.

If Prop.

31 passes, California’s first statewide gay marriage ban would go into effect July 1.

The proposal was backed by the California Civil Rights and LGBT Community Coalition, a gay rights group that also supports Prop.

26, a statewide measure that would ban same-sex marriage in the state for all Californians.

Prop 29, by contrast, has been supported by many conservative Republicans, who have been wary of the measure because it does not explicitly mention same-gender marriage.

Proposition 30, meanwhile, has received support from a broad coalition of religious groups, including the California Baptists, the California Synod of Bishops, the Southern Baptist Convention, the United Methodist Church, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Catholic Church.

A similar measure in Maryland was also approved this year.

Prop 28 passed with 55 percent of the vote in the November election, while Prop.

25, by a vote of 59 percent, was defeated.

Prop 25 would have made it illegal for people to obtain marriage certificates for same- sex couples if they have been in a committed same- gender relationship.

But it was also the measure that drew the most ire from conservatives.

Prop 30, the new version of Prop 29 that would make it easier for people who have lived in California for less than two years to obtain a marriage certificate for themselves, would require a court order to be filed and would make same-year marriage more difficult for gay couples who live in states where Prop.

27 was passed in June.

Prop 31, the broader Prop.

32 proposal that would have included same-day marriages, passed with a 55 percent approval rate in the election.

California’s Prop.

1, which would have legalized same-date marriage, failed to pass the legislature.

Prop 1, by the way, passed the California Senate by a narrow margin in 2015.

The first statewide voter referendum on gay marriage, Prop 8, was narrowly defeated in 2008.

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