July 8, 2021

One remarkable marriage — one of the few in the state — ended up on the wrong side of the state’s legal marriage laws.

On July 31, 2016, a man named Mark and Diane Thomas filed for a marriage certificate in Travis County, where they live.

The couple met at a wedding and married in Travis in 2008.

They were the only people to ever be married in Texas, and they were the first couple to have a divorce from a state-run institution.

They’d spent years in therapy, struggling with the pain of their separation, but finally felt ready to give their lives up.

Diane Thomas was a registered nurse who served as the legal guardian of her husband.

She was also a licensed therapist.

In 2009, she and her husband got married in Houston.

Diane, then a nurse practitioner, and Mark Thomas became the sole legal parents of their daughter, Ashley, who is now 8.

Mark, then 36, had recently moved to Texas from California and was seeking a career in healthcare management.

He’d become a registered lobbyist, a position that pays $300 per month and includes travel, travel allowance and paid vacation.

Diane and Mark had been together for more than 10 years.

They didn’t think they’d ever marry in Texas.

In 2008, Mark was a licensed licensed therapist, and Diane had worked as a licensed nurse practitioner for years.

But a year later, the couple filed for divorce in Travis, citing irreconcilable differences and alleging that Diane and her employer, the Texas Board of Nursing, didn’t want them to be married legally.

In their divorce filing, Diane claimed that Mark and his wife didn’t live together as a married couple, and that she and Mark were living with Diane’s sister.

Diane’s lawyers claimed that the two had been living in different cities for years, that Diane had left Texas to take a job with another state and had moved to California after she had a baby.

In his divorce complaint, Mark said Diane and Diane’s biological mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer, told him that Diane couldn’t be allowed to live with her sister because she didn’t have a marriage license.

Dianne Thomas told her husband that if he was divorced and divorced again, he would get a marriage licence from the Texas State Board of Licensed Practical Nurse Assistants (LPNAS), the same agency that enforces the Texas marriage laws, according to Diane Thomas’ divorce complaint.

The Travis County District Attorney’s Office had the marriage certificate filed for Mark Thomas, who filed for the divorce in April 2016.

The district attorney’s office was asked by Diane Thomas and Mark to review the file.

The Texas Board Of Licensed Practicists said in a statement that the divorce filing was “invalidated” by the state, but it was too late for Diane and, by extension, Mark.

Diane Thomas was already dead.

Mark Thomas’ lawyer, David Mirer, said in an interview that Diane Thomas didn’t get married legally in Texas because her marriage license was revoked.

That’s a state statute that was designed to prevent people from living together legally in the same state, Mirero said.

He said Diane was legally married to Mark Thomas for the last 10 years of her life, and was therefore a legal custodian of their child, Ashley.

“Mark and Diane were not legally married.

They did not live together legally as a marriage.

The divorce was invalidated by the Texas Department of State Health Services,” Mirera said.

“The Texas Board was not involved in the filing.”

He added that the board had never reviewed the divorce file, but that “a certified copy of the original divorce decree was not available to us.”

Mirer said he and his client were not married legally and that Diane was living in California.

Mirere also pointed to a 2009 law in Texas that was signed into law by the governor that gave married couples the right to request a divorce.

Merer said the governor signed it without reading the law.

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The law states, in part:The Texas State Legislature has passed legislation to amend and codify the Texas Marriage Act, which governs marriage in the Lone Star State.

The bill also makes it easier for same-sex couples to divorce and provide that their child is the sole parent of the child.

In a statement, Texas State Rep. J.B. Hoekstra (R-Austin) said that in a recent interview, Diane Thomas “said she and she and their children lived in California for the rest of their lives.”

He said he believes Diane and that Mark Thomas lived in Houston and Travis.

Hoes said Diane Thomas did not have a Texas residency certificate, but said he did know that Diane did have a California residency certificate.

Hoeks said that Diane’s birth certificate, which was signed in 2011 by the registrar of her local office, did not show that she was married to

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