July 12, 2021

A Florida woman is fighting to get a marriage license that she says will allow her to marry her husband.

Jennifer Kopplin lost her partner, John Michael, to same sex marriage when she was 29.

Kopplins lawyer, Michael Brown, filed a notice of motion in federal court in Tallahassee on Wednesday.

Brown wants to ask the judge to set aside the Florida Supreme Court’s order, which said the marriage license was invalid because the couple married outside of the state.

The Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that a marriage performed in Florida is valid if it is performed within the state of Florida.

“I’ve been married for 33 years,” Kopplers husband said in a statement.

“We love each other and we are happy and content.

I wanted to have a marriage that would allow me to be with my husband and be with our daughter, and I was happy to do that. “

As soon as I learned that the state was trying to deny my husband a marriage certificate because of the issue of his same-gender marriage, I felt the need to appeal.

The court has allowed me to get the same rights as everyone else.” “

The court has given me every opportunity to make that request and the court has granted it.

The court has allowed me to get the same rights as everyone else.”

Brown told WPLG-TV he filed the motion in hopes of getting the marriage certificate changed to one that is recognized by the state, because of concerns that same- sex couples would be able to marry outside of Florida if the marriage licenses were changed.

“It’s a very difficult situation, but I think it’s time for the state to change the law,” Brown said.

“They need to change it.

There is no right or wrong, they just need to recognize marriage.”

The couple met while working as a part-time floridades and then got married in 2013, and they have two children.

KOPPINS LAWYER SAYS KANNELL’S LAWYERS WERE IN THE BINDING, KIDS HAD TO SAY JOB WAS NOT JUST FOR BIDDER, BUT FOR HER “I didn’t have any other options, and my life wasn’t going to get any better without John.

I’m just happy to be able say I did what I thought was best for my husband,” KOPLIN’S HUSBAND said in the court filing.

Koplin, now 44, is a mother of two, and she lives in Orange County.

Brown, who is her husband of 17 years, is also married to his wife.

He lives in Miami.

In their filing, Brown and Koppln said they have a son and a daughter, as well as other grandchildren.

Kopsler said she has asked her lawyer to file an appeal of the decision that was handed down last year by the Florida Court of Appeals, but she said she is still fighting.

“For years, I’ve been saying that we need to get married and I have,” she said.

“(But) this time, I have to fight.

We’re not going to sit back and let it happen.”

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