July 12, 2021

A new marriage-helping tool is being rolled out to help couples cope with their own marital struggles.

The tool is called Marriage Assist, and it promises to “make your marriage work” and help people to feel less alone, says its creators.

The idea is that if a couple has a strong sense of purpose and is able to see the good in their marriage, they will have a more positive impact on it, the company says. 

“This will help you be more confident in your marriage, and your children,” it says on its website.

The website states that it “aims to help people find love and happiness.”

The tool was designed by two California-based couples, Susan and Ryan Shulman, and is available for use by anyone in a committed relationship who has found themselves in a crisis. 

The Shulmans have a history of marital difficulties, including their divorce in the 1990s and a legal battle that lasted nearly two years.

They recently reconciled with their former partner and are now together again. 

In a statement, the couple says they’ve been trying to make sense of their marriage for several years, and found it to be “toxic and unhealthy.”

They say they’ve struggled to find answers, and they feel like they’ve missed a lot of the good. 

 “When we had a bad marriage, it was because we were unable to get to grips with the truth about our relationship, or we didn’t want to face our feelings with our partner,” the Shulms say on their website. 

But the tools that help couples to navigate their marriages are not new, says David Rachman, a psychology professor at the University of California, Irvine. 

As far back as the 1970s, he says, people used these “love-lighter” tools to help them to feel more confident about their relationships. 

This kind of help has proven useful in the past, Rachmans says, but in the last decade it has been “cannily used by people who are trying to deal with trauma,” as opposed to people who just want to get through the day.

“You can have a great marriage, but you can also have a terrible marriage, as well,” he says.

“In the last 15 years, we’ve seen that we can get a lot more done if we start with some understanding of what’s going on in our marriage.” 

The first version of the tool was developed by researchers at the National Center for Research Resources. 

For its latest version, which is now available to anyone, the firm has released a video to explain the tool and offer some tips. 

It includes a number of testimonials from people who say they have found it helpful. 

Among them is Rachel Denton, who was married to a divorced man for 15 years before finding the support of the Shuls. 

Denton says that she and her husband were struggling with marital conflict for a long time. 

They found the help of the marriage-assistance tool helped them to “come out of the closet.” 

“It allowed us to go to therapy and really deal with it,” she said. 

Now, she says, her husband “really loves me, and he’s very happy with me.” 

Another person, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she and a husband “are getting closer” to their marriage. 

And another couple said they have been able to make their marriage “better.” 

According to the company, “Our goal is to make marriage more accessible to everyone in your life, not just the ones who want it the most.”

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