July 21, 2021

A California court has ruled that it is legal for people to get married in California.

The state Supreme Court ruled on Friday that a marriage certificate is valid and legal for a person of the same gender, regardless of their gender identity, which was a long time coming.

The California Supreme Court said the new law does not violate the state constitution.

“The court’s opinion was unanimous, and it does not disturb the authority of the Legislature to adopt the proposed California law,” the court said in its decision.

“However, it does create new issues, and the Court is aware of the likelihood that the Court will have to address them.”

People can get married on a certificate from an ordained minister who is legally recognized in California, but they can also get married by a civil ceremony.

“It is up to the court to determine the extent to which the state’s religious accommodation is inconsistent with the Constitution,” the state Supreme to the California Legislature said in the ruling.

“Our decision to enact this new state law reflects our longstanding position that marriage is a fundamental right that is central to California’s democracy,” the ruling said.

“We believe that this law will be interpreted narrowly to protect the integrity of the California Constitution and that the Legislature will be able to interpret this law in a manner that protects marriage as it is currently defined.”‘

This is not an abuse of power’A legal group, Lambda Legal, said in a statement that the ruling was a blow to the “fundamental right of same-sex couples to marry”.

“The California law is not a change in the law, but rather a deliberate attempt to circumvent the will of the voters, who overwhelmingly rejected a measure that would have required marriage to be between a man and a woman,” the group said.’

I thought my marriage was over’The law was designed to protect Californians who are currently unable to marry because of same sex marriage, said attorney Brian Saller, who is representing a lesbian couple who are challenging the law.

“I thought the marriage certificate was over, that it was invalid,” Mr Sallers told the Associated Press news agency.

“This is a very small number of Californians that are getting married who are not in a same-gender marriage relationship, so I thought my union with my partner was over.”

Now I know that my marriage is not.

It is now over.””

This decision is not about gender identity.

This is about the fundamental right to marry,” MrSaller added.

Same-sex marriage is legal in California but not recognized in other states.

In January, the state supreme court rejected a similar challenge by the ACLU.

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