August 6, 2021

If you’ve ever been denied your marriage license because you were not able to prove you met the requirements, you’re not alone.

A new petition filed on the US Supreme Court’s website has raised the ire of the American people.

The petition, which has been posted by the Texas attorney general’s office, argues that the Texas Supreme Court violated the Constitution by rejecting the marriage license application of a woman who was not married to the man she had been living with.

The court rejected the petition because it was not “legally competent” to hear the case, the attorney general, Greg Abbott, wrote in a letter to the court’s Chief Justice, Anthony Kennedy.

In the meantime, he wrote, he is pursuing a “civil disobedience” lawsuit.

In response to the petition, a spokesperson for the Texas Attorney General’s office told TechRadars: “The attorney general believes that the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit’s denial of Texas’ request to reinstate her marriage license is a blatant abuse of judicial authority and is contrary to the state’s constitutional rights.”

The Texas attorney says she is “totally opposed to a court ruling that has the potential to violate the constitutional rights of Texas residents”.

“The Texas Attorney Generals Office is committed to protecting the constitutional right to marry in Texas, which was struck down in the Supreme Court decision,” the spokesperson said.

Abbott’s petition argues that a recent Supreme Court ruling invalidating a similar Texas law, which prevented same-sex couples from getting marriage licenses, violates the Constitution.

The decision by the high court in Obergefell v.

Hodges also invalidated Texas’ law prohibiting same-gender couples from marrying.

The state’s governor, Greg Abbot, has been one of the most vocal opponents of the Obergeflörs decision.

Abbot, who is also running for president, wrote on Twitter that the Oberges ruling “should not stand in the way of our ability to restore our marriage equality laws.”

“It is a basic constitutional right,” Abbott wrote.

“We must not give up on that.

We must fight for marriage equality across the US and across the globe.

Let’s get this done!”

The Oberges decision did not end the battle over marriage equality in Texas.

A federal judge on Tuesday denied an appeal by same-spouse couples who had been able to obtain their marriage licenses through a loophole in the state law.

Abdulaziz Alhassan, the lawyer for the couple, said in a statement that the Supreme, in its opinion, did not apply the equal protection clause of the US Constitution.

“The Obergeys decision, by declaring the State of Texas had no equal protection or due process rights, is a dangerous and unprecedented judicial precedent,” Alhasan said.

“As the nation’s chief law enforcement agency, we must uphold the integrity of our judicial system and the rule of law.”

A similar appeal is being made in the US state of Pennsylvania.

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