August 8, 2021

Amy Lee and Elton Johnson will wed on Monday, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The two pop stars will be joined by their children, 11-year-old son Eli and 10-year old daughter, Ava, in Los Vegas, according to The Hollywood Sign.

Amy Lee, 42, and Elon Johnson, 49, will wed in Las Vegas, where the couple is celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary.

Amy Johnson, 41, was born in New York, and the couple married in 1999 in a ceremony that took place in their home state of New York.

The wedding was the culmination of a four-year relationship between Amy and Elisabeth.

The couple have two daughters together, 10-month-old daughter, Eli, and a son, 11, who they will be raising together.

The engagement will be announced on Monday during a live-streamed ceremony at the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Venetias, Nevada.

They are currently filming the HBO movie “Silicon Valley.”

The couple also have two grown children.

Their first child, Eli Johnson, was conceived on November 2, 2007.

Amy’s eldest daughter, 13-year veteran actor and former “The Voice” contestant, Aviva, is a second child.

Amy is currently in production on her next film, a drama based on her memoir, “The Love Story of an American Girl,” about her mother, who was born into poverty and worked to support herself and her children.

“We’re both really grateful for all the support we’ve gotten from fans and everyone who’s made us feel special,” Amy told The Hollywood Times in March.

“This has been the biggest year of our lives and we can’t wait to start shooting and we’re going to give it our all.”

“I can’t believe it,” Amy said of the engagement.

“It’s been a year of great joy and love for both of us.

I’ve been waiting for this day for so long.

It’s been like a dream come true.”

They met in 1994 while they were working as actors on a series called “The Family Circus,” and they married in 1995, shortly after their daughter was born.

They’ve been together for a total of 13 years.

“I think that it is an honor to be married and I’m really grateful to Elon for having the courage to tell me so early on that this was something he wanted to do and to have the opportunity to share that with me,” Amy Johnson said in January.

“The show was a huge influence in my life and it has shaped me and I think it’s a blessing to share this journey with my children.”

They will be the first couple to wed in Hollywood in nearly 20 years.

Elton and Amy met in 1997 when they both worked on a movie called “Superbad,” a musical about the life of a drug kingpin, which featured Amy Johnson.

They married in 2004.

Amy was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2004 for her role as the heroine in the film, which also starred Robert De Niro, Robert Redford, James Earl Jones and Chris Tucker.

They had a daughter, 11 months, in 2011.

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