August 15, 2021

You’ll want to use the hashtag “MarriageAnniversary” on social media to share your wedding anniversary.

You can share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as your own site.

Here are some ideas to get the message out:1.

Make your wedding an event.

Use your hashtag on social networks to announce the date and time of your wedding.

It’s a great way to let your loved ones know you’re in the mood.

The hashtag will likely be shared by people who may not have a wedding experience, so make sure you’re talking about the event as opposed to your wedding day.


Write a blog post.

Use the hashtag to share photos and other content related to your anniversary.

Use #Marriageanniversary to share a story or two about your anniversary, even if it’s only about the day.3.

Share your favorite memories in your social media posts.

Include your wedding photos, wedding vows and any special moments that were special to you.


Share an inspirational quote from a famous person.

Include a hashtag in your post to let people know that you’re not afraid to share anything you love.


Ask your family to help out.

You might be able to ask your spouse to help with the ceremony and the anniversary celebration, or ask them to help you organize the photos and decorations.


Show off your wedding ring.

If you’re planning to share an engagement ring, be sure to include the hashtag #MarriagesRing.


Use hashtags to celebrate special occasions.

Add #HappyBirthday to your hashtag posts to celebrate your special day.8.

Ask friends and family to participate.

If your wedding is taking place at home, post a hashtag to show that it’s your time to celebrate.9.

Make a celebration video for the day, including special moments from the day you were married.

You can also use hashtag #CelebrateYourMarryingDay to show off the celebration you had with your spouse.


Celebrate a special event at work.

Share a video or photo of yourself with the hashtag of your favorite event, or use hashtag to let others know you were there.11.

Celebrating your birthday, anniversary or other special day can be a good time to get out and socialize with family and friends.

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