August 20, 2021

MARYLAND MARRIAGE LICENSE – The Maryland Marriage License is not the legal document used to get married in Maryland.

It is a paper marriage license that is only issued to same-sex couples.

But that hasn’t stopped the Maryland Attorney General’s office from issuing licenses to same sex couples.

Attorney General Brian Frosh announced Tuesday that Maryland has issued 3,854 marriage licenses since June 2.

That’s about one per week.

The state also issued licenses to two couples to get a “sealed marriage” certificate to legally marry, but those were not legally recognized as marriages.

Frosh said in a statement that Maryland is a state of law.

He said that the state has no intention of changing its laws regarding marriage.

“Our law is the law of the land, and we will continue to protect it,” Frosh’s statement said.

Frohs office said the licenses are being issued because of a Supreme Court decision that said the state can’t legally recognize gay marriage.

Froh said he has received requests for licenses from people interested in getting married, but he said that there was no legal requirement to obtain the licenses.

He added that his office has been issuing licenses for several years.

He also said the license process does not require the marriage license to be issued by the clerk of court.

Frosches office said he was not aware of any cases where a marriage license was not issued to a same-gender couple.

The Attorney General also announced that he is asking the Maryland Department of Health to look into a new requirement for same- sex couples to use the state’s birth certificate.

The new requirement, which was put in place in the 2014-15 fiscal year, requires all same- gender couples to obtain a birth certificate that includes their names, birth dates and genders and then use that document to obtain their Maryland marriage licenses.

Froshey said the department will look into the requirement.

The Maryland Office of the State Registrar said in its statement that it will begin issuing licenses this month, but Frosh says there is still a time frame for getting a license to issue.

Froosh said he expects that process to take about two weeks.

Froesh said the Maryland office was unable to get the state to issue a new birth certificate, so they are using an existing birth certificate to issue licenses.

That birth certificate was certified in October of last year, Frosh added.

Froshi’s office said that is the reason why the Maryland Office will issue licenses to only same- sexual couples.

The office said in the statement that a process to verify a birth was already in place for couples in the state.

Frosiks office said they have received several requests for certificates and that they have been working with the state Department of Social Services on getting a birth certified.

Frohiys office said it has not received any applications to marry under the new birth certification requirement.

Frosha said that was because the office is still trying to get documents from the department to verify that a birth had been certified.

He did not say whether the department had received any documents from Social Services.

Frohw said the office has not issued licenses yet, but the Maryland State Attorney General said that they are currently looking into the matter.

He declined to elaborate further on what that could entail.

Frohd said in his statement that he will continue pursuing a legislative solution for the state marriage licenses, but did not provide any further details.

He has said he will be asking the General Assembly for legislation that would ensure that same–sex marriage licenses are issued to people of the same gender and that same sex marriage licenses could be issued to all Maryland couples.

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