August 23, 2021

Posted by Google News on Friday, March 24, 2019 16:26:15As the federal government prepares to issue marriage certificates for same-sex couples across the country, the issue of who gets to sign them is at the centre of a heated debate.

Key points:Marriage certificates are issued by a licensed minister who can also issue them for civil unions and religious ceremonies.

A judge determines whether the minister has the authority to issue them, and the process can take months or even years.

Marriage licenses can be exchanged between same-gender and opposite-sex people, but not between couples who have not previously met.

The issue is particularly sensitive for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, who have to apply to get married, and it is not recognised in the Australian Constitution.

The government says it will issue the certificates as soon as the process is completed.

“There will be no further delay on the issuing of marriage certificates,” a spokeswoman for Attorney-General George Brandis told the ABC on Friday.

But Mr Brandis is also warning that any delay would be unjustified.

“The process should not be delayed.

There is no reason why a marriage is delayed and there is no basis for the Government to be delaying this process,” he said.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten says the process for issuing the certificates should be expedited, and Mr Brandas should act now.

“We should have a process to expedite this and get this done in the shortest possible time, and that’s why I think it’s important for the Attorney-Generals office to have their processes expedited,” he told the Nine Network.

“Because if you’re not getting this done quickly, you’re putting people’s lives at risk.”

You can’t delay and it puts lives at significant risk.

And we’ve got to have a national process that does that.

“What are the challenges of issuing a marriage license in Australia?

Marriage licences are issued from licensed ministers, who can issue them if they are authorised by a court.

This means that the minister cannot issue a marriage licence to a person who does not meet all of the conditions outlined in the document.

It is also a difficult process, requiring the minister to prove to a judge that they have the authority and competence to issue the marriage certificate.

But there are several obstacles to getting a marriage in Australia.

There are a number of issues that need to be resolved, including:Who can issue a certificate?

The minister cannot be the same person who issued the document to the same or opposite person.

Who can marry in Australia as a same- or opposite-gender couple?

Same-sex marriage is not legal in Australia, but same- and opposite sex couples can legally marry in other countries, including in other states.

But the laws of each country differ.

In Australia, people are only allowed to marry under a court order.

There is no right of appeal in these cases.

The only way to get a court to issue a court-ordered marriage certificate in Australia is through a civil union.

What is the process to get an Australian marriage certificate?

This can take several months or years.

It usually involves:A solicitor representing the couple arguing that the marriage is valid.

The minister explaining why they think the marriage will be valid.

A hearing where both parties are required to sign the marriage certificates.

A court finding that there are no grounds for the marriage to be invalid.

A process that involves the issuing minister to show they have authority to make a marriage declaration.

The issuing minister having to appear before a judge and have the judge decide whether they have a duty to issue.

Who has the right to marry in a country where same- gender marriage is illegal?

Same sex couples are not allowed to get marriage licences in countries where same sex marriage is legal, but can get a marriage card in the US and the UK.

What can you do if you get a false marriage certificate, or a marriage denied?

If you have received a marriage form that you believe is fraudulent, you can complain to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) about it.

The commission will investigate and determine whether the matter should be referred to the courts.

The AHRC can also refer the matter to the Federal Magistrates Court, where a judge can decide whether to issue an order to correct the form or issue a warning to the issuing person.

What happens if the court orders a marriage to change?

The court will normally order a person to do things to change the marriage declaration or make a new one.

What if you have been issued a false document?

If the marriage has been issued as a fake document, the person who received it may have to pay compensation.

If the person has been ordered to do something that they should not have been ordered, they may be ordered to pay costs.

Who will be the beneficiary of the costs?

The person who was issued the false document will have to reimburse the costs

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