August 23, 2021

My friend is an artist and he likes memes.

We have one on the wall, and he said he likes it when he’s talking to someone about marriage.

We had never talked about marriage before, and I just kind of felt like I was in a bad spot and like, “You know, I’m kind of lost, and this is kind of going to be really hard for me to figure out what to do.”

So we went to Facebook and there was this thing called the ‘Meme Master,’ and there’s like this entire thing where people upload stuff and they do a vote, and then you vote for who’s on top of that.

And then they show you who you voted for, and you vote off the people that you voted against.

And so, I went back and voted, and it was my friend, and that was the end of it.

But I’m sure if I had been more vocal, if I was less of a shy person, it might have gone better for me.

I think I could have talked to him a little bit more about it, and if he had been honest with me about it I would have been more willing to try and figure it out.

The reason why people like this kind of meme is because it’s very relatable.

So people are willing to say, “I’m going to go on this date, and my family is going to help me get married, and we’ll make sure my husband is going through this, and all of this stuff is going on, and they’ll be my witnesses, and so I can go on a date with them and tell them about this.”

It’s like a family thing.

It’s not a “what if” thing.

But that’s what the meme is, it’s just a way for people to say to themselves, “This is going pretty well.”

And it’s really comforting to know that it’s not something that’s going to happen on a whim.

If you think about it a little more, there’s this big cultural thing going on right now.

And you know what?

We have this meme.

So I think if you talk to your friends about it more, then they’re going to say that it does have a lot of truth to it, that it can actually work.

That’s the point.

If they’re honest, then people will be open to it.

And I think that’s a really positive thing for marriage.

And it makes you more comfortable.

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