September 4, 2021

A new report finds the number of marriages that were conducted under false pretenses fell by 20 percent between 2017 and 2018, but that does not mean that cheating is completely eliminated.

The report, published Friday, also found that cheating in the NFL has decreased significantly since the start of the current season, but still persists.

“The NFL is a league of people who have different beliefs about how to conduct themselves, how to behave,” NFL Vice President of Competition and Business Operations David Akers said in a statement.

“And we are seeing that these practices have changed as the game has evolved.

But our job as coaches and owners is to teach these young men and women the rules of the game, and they must adhere to them.”

The NFL has been grappling with a new phenomenon — fake marriages, where athletes and their families get married under the pretense of being married.

In the past few weeks, a number of NFL players have faced charges of cheating, and the league has begun investigating players for conduct detrimental to the game.

The league also announced that it will ban players from playing for another two years.

“We know that cheating can occur.

We know that we are going to have some players who will cheat,” Akers continued.

“But we know that the game of football has to continue to be a safe environment for all involved.”

The report found that from Jan. 1, 2018 through the end of the 2018 season, a total of 554 people were arrested and convicted of cheating at least once in the league.

Of those, 934 people were convicted of false marriage, and 1,051 people were sentenced to jail time.

“There are a lot of players who are not getting the respect they deserve.

They have to realize, I am doing something wrong,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said during a press conference on Tuesday.

“There are some players in this league who have made some bad choices that are detrimental to this league and our game.”

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