September 10, 2021

In Arizona, the state’s Constitution mandates that marriage be between a man and a woman, and states that the legal marriage between a woman and a man must be recognized by the federal government.

However, the US Supreme Court recently ruled in the Obergefell case that marriage is not an institution that should be defined by state law, and so marriage certificates must be created by the state.

What is happening in Arizona?

On Monday, Arizona Attorney General Ken Bennett announced that the state will begin issuing marriage certificates to same-sex couples on December 19.

Bennett said that the new process is needed to “secure the legitimacy of marriage to all couples in the state.”

The Attorney General’s Office released a statement announcing the change on Wednesday.

Bennett’s office announced that same-year marriages would be allowed.

“In the past year, Arizona has become a leader in protecting the dignity of the LGBT community and supporting marriage equality across the country,” the statement read.

“The new state-issued marriage certificates will be the first step to providing these families with the same legal recognition that everyone deserves in the eyes of the law.”

The ACLU has long argued that the “marriage certificate” is unconstitutional, and that it should be a state issue.

The organization filed a lawsuit last year on behalf of two same-gender couples who were denied marriage certificates in Arizona after they applied to the state to change their legal status.

The couple, who requested to change the gender on their marriage certificate, argued that Arizona was not honoring their request because they are not legally married.

The ACLU filed the lawsuit because they were denied the ability to change gender on the marriage certificate.

The state of Arizona has repeatedly refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Last year, the Arizona legislature passed a law that allowed local governments to refuse to issue a marriage license to anyone because they had violated a law against discrimination.

A similar bill was passed in New York.

But the ACLU sued the New York State Department of Health, saying that it violated the US Constitution when it refused to renew licenses for same- sex couples in New Mexico, New York, and Rhode Island.

The New York City Department of Correction declined to issue same- gender marriage licenses for two same sex partners in 2016.

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