September 16, 2021

The first time a gay couple wanted to have a marriage was in 1997, when they moved into the same house in an affluent suburban town in New York City.

It was a new life, and it didn’t go well.

“We had a few fights over the fact that we were going to be separated, and we didn’t really get into the details,” said Matthew and Daniel Smith, who now live in Florida with their partner and their two children.

“It was a really difficult situation.”

They went on to live together for four years before getting married in 2007, but their union wasn’t officially recognized.

“When you’re divorced, it’s hard for you to get your children to understand what you’re going through and understand the importance of your relationship,” Matthew Smith said.

“If you have kids who have never met their dads, you’re really left with no family, so it’s really hard to have kids with your partner.”

But they found a solution.

The Smiths went to their local court and got a divorce.

They now live separately in Florida.

The couple married in a ceremony that is now the subject of a documentary, Marriage Rescue, which chronicles their journey.

The documentary was produced by the family’s former lawyer, Peter Clements.

“They had a lot of good reasons to stay together, but they didn’t have the right to,” Clements told CNN.

The film tells the story of Matthew Smith and Daniel, who were forced to separate after a year of trying to get married.

They lived with a judge and a social worker who helped them find other partners.

But it wasn’t until the Smiths were divorced that they finally found someone who understood what they went through and could help them navigate their separation.

“The fact that they didn and didn’t want to get divorced and that they were living together, that was really the key for them,” Ciggins said.

Clements, who is also the founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, said that marriage in the United States is “a very difficult thing for many people, because it’s something that’s very close to their core identity, their identity as a family, and that’s not necessarily the way that the culture in many parts of the world really sees gay and lesbian people.”

The Smith family was forced to get a divorce because of their marriage.

They have a new marriage to celebrate their new lives together.

The new arrangement is not official and is still under review by the courts.

Matthew Smith.

(Photo by Michael Zorich/Getty Images) The Smith’s new arrangement was not officially recognized by the state of New York, but it was approved by a court.

They are now living together in a separate apartment.

Cases like theirs are common among gay couples in the country.

“There are some situations where a person who is legally married may feel that they’ve had enough,” Cenges said.

The marriage of Matthew and Dan Smith was officially recognized in 2015, but Matthew and his partner have still been separated since then.

“I think they’ve been living apart for a long time,” Matthew said.

When the Smith’s son was born in November 2016, Matthew said they were able to get back together, though they are still trying to decide what to do about their family.

Matthew and Adam Smith have two children together, who are now about six and five years old.

The children have not had any contact with the Smith family since their separation and Matthew Smith does not know how they are doing in school.

“For us to be able to go back together is a big deal, and for our kids to see the same parents who were with us and have that same experience,” Adam Smith said, laughing.

“That’s a huge relief for us.”

Matthew and the Smith children, who have two younger children, have not been able to attend school together.

They live in a different apartment and do not have any contact.

Matthew said the new arrangement could be temporary and not necessarily permanent.

“Maybe it’ll be something that we go through and go through again, but for now, we just hope that the state [of New York] takes the right steps and they do the right thing for our children,” he said.

Matthew has also begun planning to have children of his own.

“This is something that I really want to do,” he told CNN, adding that he has started thinking about what he wants his kids to know about gay culture.

“So that’s the next step.”

Matthew Smith with his son.

(Photos by Michael T. Smith/Getty) The future is uncertain for Matthew Smith, though.

The legal issues surrounding same-sex marriage have been a hot topic of conversation in recent months, with both parties fighting over what the court should rule on.

The case is currently being litigated in the state’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals, where the justices are split on the issue.

“Whether or not we get a ruling on that, the

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