October 31, 2021

The state’s marriage records aren’t as clear as we might hope.

Here’s why.

In the past year, the Associated Press has reported that Georgia’s marriages are unreliable.

That’s the case even though we know the statistics.

But the state doesn’t have a formal count of marriages.

The AP also reported that the marriage data from Georgia are not subject to the same reporting requirements as for other states.

That means there’s no way to tell if people have married in Georgia and if there’s been a change in marriage status.

So, how accurate is Georgia marriage records?

In fact, the state’s Bureau of Vital Statistics is one of the few agencies that doesn’t count marriages.

We have to rely on public records.

In fact the state has a database of marriage records that shows marriages that have taken place in Georgia.

But we don’t know who created that database, how it’s been used, or how often it’s updated.

The Associated Press is not using that data to report on the accuracy of the state marriage records.

But there is one exception.

When the AP reports on the state records, we’re able to show a breakdown of the number of marriages that are counted in each county and the percentage of those that were actually registered.

So the AP’s report on Georgia’s married-for-years-and-counting marriage data says: “The data do not support a claim that Georgia has one of, if not the most reliable marriage records in the nation.”

That’s an important point because marriage records are so important for Georgia’s economy.

There are around 700,000 marriages registered in Georgia each year.

It would take an enormous amount of time and money to get that number correct.

There’s also some data that says marriage records have been inaccurate in Georgia for years.

According to the AP, in 2008, there were 3,844,857 registered marriages in Georgia, but that number was only 9,819 in 2014.

In a recent article in the Washington Post, Dr. John Jaffe and I examined the accuracy and reliability of Georgia’s divorce records.

The article said that the accuracy rate of Georgia divorce records has been higher than that of the national average for decades.

That’s true for years, but we’re not saying that marriage records can’t be reliable.

We just have to look at what they’re doing right and wrong.

The reason marriage records don’t seem to be accurate is because they’re not subject a strict reporting requirement.

It’s also not clear why the state didn’t require the AP to publish its own marriage records data, which could have provided a much clearer picture of what’s going on.

The fact that marriage statistics are often underreported in Georgia may also have a role.

Dr. Jaffe wrote that the state reported to the FBI that the number that would be counted in marriage records is a much lower number than is needed to accurately represent the actual number of people who have married and how many of those marriages are in Georgia (a much lower figure than is reported in state marriage registers).

That means we may have to use less data to accurately determine the number and types of marriages in the state.

That would be problematic for the state if the statistics don’t actually reflect what’s happening in the marriage market.

If we look at the number in marriages that aren’t counted in the divorce register, it’s not clear that Georgia is having a lot of couples living together or living in a married-family relationship.

The state also doesn’t release divorce records as much as it should.

The AP reported in 2008 that the average time between the time a person becomes a married couple in Georgia was four years.

We know that number is actually lower.

The state reports it to the Federal Marriage Statistics Act of 1980.

It has to be reported to get married records.

So even though marriage statistics don’t show the whole picture, we can still have a clearer picture than we’d otherwise have.

We know from past studies that a lot more couples in Georgia live in married-families than we thought.

But that’s not to say there aren’t lots of single people in Georgia living together, either.

In 2008, the AP also found that Georgia had the third highest rate of divorce filings in the country, behind Virginia and Texas.

That is a huge number.

It is one reason that the AP has been reporting on the reliability of marriage statistics.

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